What Is Functional Medicine?

Learn about our functional medicine clinic in Boise, ID

Functional medicine is a holistic, patient-focused approach to identifying and treating the root causes of disease. When you visit Vitall Advanced Medicine, a functional medicine clinic in Boise, ID, you'll receive custom therapy and natural, whole-body health solutions.

Our medical director and co-owner, Beau Lee, FNP-C, has over a decade of experience in the medical field. As a functional medicine practitioner, he's passionate about helping others feel better and take charge of their health.

Functional Medicine

Our process is designed to help you save time and money.

Functional Medicine

Hormone Optimization

Living with a hormone imbalance? We can help.

Hormone Optimization

Functional Lab Testing

Start your holistic health journey with a comprehensive blood test.

Functional Lab Testing

IV Therapy

Refresh and revitalize your body with a nutrient-rich IV infusion.

IV Therapy

Offering comprehensive testing and natural therapies

Our functional medicine clinic offers:

After we complete your routine blood work, our practitioner will discuss the results with you and help you decide which therapies, supplements and lifestyle changes are right for you. Call 208-900-9757 today to get started.

What makes Vitall Advanced Medicine different?

Our clinic is located in downtown Boise, ID. We're dedicated to providing convenient services for a competitive price. When you visit our facility, you can expect:

A welcoming staff

A clean, comfortable environment

Fast lab results

A simple, no-hassle process with unparalleled Service

Top quality ingredients in our IV's and supplement line

We get results, plain and simple

We keep our clinic safe and clean with an innovative air filtration system.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a local functional medicine practitioner. Be sure to ask about our funding options for veterans through Patriot Wellness Solutions.